Complimentry Font Advice Needed

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Complimentry Font Advice Needed

New to the Board. Hi All. I have no background in design, other than that big fat D I recieved in high school art class in the 60's. Just playing around with and old version of CorelDraw someone gave me. I have no aspirations to be a font designer, just create passable characters I use in spoofs on NFL team logos. I have a hard enough time faking your discipline as it is.

I need help with complimentry font pairing. All I had to go on was the 5 letters from the Kansas City CHIEFS. I was guessing that the CHIEFS logo font was derived from Futura XBlkIt BT, with some mods to the C and S, with a slight widening of the first vertical component, and and tweak to the slant. I tried to use this for KANSAS CITY, and other variations, but it looks like squat.

Same is true for the Lions

Please bear in mind I do not have a massive font library.