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Firefox 3 adds support for kerning and layout features


Well, support for kerning anyway...as you say on your blog, it's better to have no contextual subs than bad ones, every day.
In addition, kerning may work fine at the gigantic sizes you're showing, but without sufficient control over rendering, smaller sizes will be screaming the same thing, "no kerning is better than this kerning."


Ooof, that’s nasty. Let’s hope they turn ligatures back off until they can fix them for 3.1.

As for the kerning, I haven’t noticed it making anything less legible so far, but the web is still mostly limited to type carefully considered for onscreen use. Maybe it will be a lot worse for all the fonts out there that weren’t.

It's a good effort on Firefox's part, but unfortunately the execution is less than perfect... and typography has to look perfect, especially in the internet age.

Thanks for the blog link, it was informative to say the least.