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Joined: 15 Jun 2008 - 11:09am

Hello, I have recently been reworking Kabel.

The reason for this is that I never liked the cuts in the terminals, which put me off using it quite alot. Which is a shame as it's such a nice font.
Once I had leveled out all the angled terminals I began to see other things that I wanted to change aswell.

Anyway, I have included my work to date so please give me some critique on it!



miles newlyn's picture
Joined: 28 Feb 2002 - 4:56am

I love Kabel, and would agree that a reworking with some of the more quaint or mannered idosyncracies would benefit.

Whild I love the W, i dont like the low cross bars on the E F H, and the short terminla on the j, the unusual g, and thet tall ascender of the t.

The slanted bar on the e is important, but i wonder if the angle could be reduced and the balance of the letter improved greatly.