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Bonhams logo

Any ideas what the font in the Bonhams logo might be?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Whatever it is, it's a weak replacement for FF Dax.

True! Good suggestion, Mike.

Thanks for your suggestions. Maybe it's a custom made font. In the meantime I'll keep hunting.

What are you hunting for? (I mean besides the Bonhams typeface). Do you have a project in mind?

Hi Stephen--

Basically, I'm considering incorporating a font like the one in the Bonhams logo as part of a re-branding project where I work. However I'd need a heavier weight, and I was trying to find out if it might be part of a larger font family.

Cool. Any reason FF Dax wouldn't work for you? Also Noa and Voice.

Hi Stephen--

Thanks for suggesting the fonts from Hubert Jocham. There are some really nice ones there. The font "Voice" is probably the closest to what I had in mind. You have been a great help. Thanks again!