I am making my first steps into poster printing for a project i am doing for my record label.

I find it surprisingly difficult to find a run down of printing techniques online...

any help on the best possible way to print a few hundreds of A2(roughly - that could change) sized poster ?

the actual poster would be a full color image with blocks of type.


For full color on a poster of that size you basically have two options, offset litho (printing press) and inkjet prints. Offset printing presses are huge machines transfer wet opaque inks onto paper via an etched metal plate. They require a great degree of skill to setup and run, thus tend to be expensive for low quantities. There are thousands of 4-color offset printers out there, so you just need to call around and get prices. Keep in mind the factors that go into an offset job: paper, print quality, and finish (they can varnish the pages to provide a better finish and UV protection) when you are shopping around. Several of the low cost printing websites tend to restrict you to lower quality options in order to provide the minimum price.

If offset printing is not practical, for a poster of that size you have one other option, oversize inkjet prints. These printers are basically sheet fed versions of what you use at home. Just like your home printer the prints from these machines will be expensive, especially considering that they normally must be trimmed by hand. If you are printing more than 10 posters, it is probably going to get expensive fast.

Thanks Cjeder for the detailed answer.

"my record label"

That screams custom screen printing to me.

how come Aluminum? I lack the technical background.