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Ridiculous that I need help identifying this common font...

But here goes: I'm trying to replicate this famous title treatment http://www.oldies.com/i/boxart/original/41/794051417725.jpg.

I should know it off the bat, but I seem to have lost my touch.

Many thanks in advance,
Dr. Theopolis


The one on the top? Isn't it Bodoni?

I think it is! My first ID! Woot! :D

That's what I thought at first... I have Bauer Bodoni and Bodoni LT Standard. Bodoni SEEMS fairly close but upon closer inspection, it's not quite a 100% match. The capital "A" has a flat top and the lower case "a" seems curvy-er (for lack of a better word) on the title tx versus the font.

Maybe it's another, more obscure version of Bodoni?

I think this is a mix of different Bodonis and maybe even Didots.
Compare the ‘e’ and the ‘o’. One has a straight line in the counter, the other doesn’t.
And then there’s a whole lotta squooshing goin’ on.

Thank you all for your answers!

Dr. Theopolis

Humm… Jan's probably right. But the uppercase and lowercase As are definitely Bodoni LT (uppercase is squeezed and lowercase is smacked, both squooshed in different directions). The Y seems like Bauer Bodoni, because it seems to have a curve on the left stroke. Uppercase Ss seem different… lowercase Us could be lowercase Ns rotated and with the top serifs chopped off on the right side (just because that lower serif seems to have a curve, which is a trait of Bodonis, but the picture's too small too make some things out clearly)… uppercase Ls are also different, may have been edited. Lowercase B is Bodoni, I think, again, because it seems to have a curve on the upper serif.
Don't you think?