Can anyone help with a nonlatin experimental font?

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Can anyone help with a nonlatin experimental font?

Hey guys, I thought your collective expertise might help me on this:
I'm trying to implement an experimental writing system as an opentype font. It uses devanagari-style glyph combination, that is:

consonant + vowel -> 'cv' ligature
but ALSO
vowel + vowel -> 'vv' lig
'cv' lig + vowel -> 'cvv'

and there are some fina features for good measure.

23 consonants and 6 vowels obviously makes hundreds of glyphs. I realise I can sub them ALL but I would rather find an elegant way of programming them. So I have a few questions:

In fontlab, I can do "sub cons vowel by combi", and "sub @consonant by @combined", but sub won't take a class as the out stream on a context substitution, like "sub @cons a by @acons". Is there a way around this? (my glyphs are named appropriately (by fontlab standards) if this were to theoretically be possible)

Font doesnt support multisubstitutions; if I were to use software like VOLT which does, would it accept a class as an out stream in a contextual sub, like the functionality I desire which I described above?

I have tried to experiment using VOLT, but when I load in my .ttf, my meticulously named glyphs are reset to 'glyph001', 'glyph002' etc, which makes them impractical to me to create classes with, because there's HUNDREDS and I dont want to name them all a second time. Is there option in either fontlab or VOLT I am missing. It would be great.

Thanks for reading, please respond if you can, even if it's just to tell me I have to sub them all one by one... :)