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Old typewriter font


Does anyone know what this could be? So far I figured out it's not Windlin's MONO or FF Magda.

Thank you!


http://TypewriterA602 seems to be a grunged version of this type.

- Mike Yanega

It is very beautiful.

Can you please let me know if you ever figure out what it is.

I'm pretty sure it is the same typeface as FF Magda. Perhaps the original typewriter after which Magda was modelled.

FWIW, the clean version of FF Magda was drawn after the rough version, so the different M on both may be a (mis)interpretation by the designer.

Dear friends. Im Ronin, I have this kind of font, Anyone know the name of this font, please let me know. Thank u!

Ronin, start a new thread next time.

Anyway, the font is Simple.