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Just added to the series of events for Typecon is a Typographic tour of the historic Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo NY:
Thursday July 17, 2008 10:00 AM

Forest Lawn Cemetery located in the heart of Buffalo, opened in 1849 and is 269 acres of incomparable beauty that invites guests to walk the grounds, admire the funerary art, and commune with nature.

Join Forest Lawns Interpretive Program Director, Sandy Starks on a 1 1/2hour walk through the cemetery looking at some of the outstanding monuments and their varied typography, many of which were created during the Victorian time period.

Also view work such as Frank Lloyd Wrights Blue Sky Mausoleum and the Blocher Memorial. Hear stories about the movers and shakers that made up this great city (From Chief Red Jacket to Rick James) as you discover unique type designs and stone cutting craftsmanship.

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