Serif typeface for a movie promo.

The typeface in question is the main font (the title and other subtitles)
on this trailer page for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:

Thanks in advance!


Looks custom/amateurish, although it does look familiar.

But only thing close I could find is Gargoyle Light, it has a similar feel, somewhat...

Perhaps based on similar samples??

Tim Girvin, in his blog, explains the development of the Benjamin Button mark.

BENJAMIN BUTTON is Trajan (what else).

The rest is Minion.

ah, the titling on that page has changed, which explains barthak's original comments. :)

here's what used to be there

Must have been changed again, because now "BENJAMIN BUTTON" is set in http://LTC Kennerley.

Hey, just joined Typophile to try and answer this question. I have seen a lot of answers on the web to which font is used in the Benjamin Button promo material but don't think it is solved in any of them. Not sure if this is because the typeface keeps getting changed over time or what ...

Attached is the font I'm interested in. Definitely not Minion. Kennerley looks close but has 3 terminals on the upper case W, whereas the BB font has 4. Also Kennerley italic has circular dots on the i and j, whereas this one has diamonds. The leading swashes on the v and w (italic) also don't match.

Thanks in advance if anyone can identify it!


Sorry, couldn't attach the image.

Hosted here

Edward, it’s Goudy Old Style.

Hi Edward,

that’s Goudy Old Style Italic.

So it is. How embarrassing, I had it on the computer all the time. Guess I never really looked at the italic before though, it's always been the roman lower case g that shouted Goudy to me ...

Thank you!