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This is for a comedy duo that does primarily radio scetches but also some minor tv work.

Right now I'm down to these two versions.

The first one is an old tv/robot that refers to the fact that they are into media. The second one is some kind of robot toy with it's brains showing. This is the idea that they suggested in our first meeting, that they wanted something with a wind-up brain. I have the wind-up key in both version to suggested screwed up or screwed ideas, their show contains very random humour and is relatively extrem, that's also why I have the pink/brown colour scheme.

I'm concerned about the brain on the second one. I think that people might not get that it is a brain.

If you have any opinions, good or bad, feel free to comment.


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Second looks more like a bowl with eyes. I did get that it was a brain though after a few seconds.

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i like both of them - nice ideas & quirky color scheme.

With the first one being slightly stronger, but also more obvious. The second one could benefit from the brain being more divided (left/right brain side). Have a look at some standard brain illustrations to see what i mean.

Looking forward to seeing the final artwork.


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I saw the brain right away, but I think the television version reads better and has more personality.

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Wonderful!! I love them both but do agree on making the brain brainier. These are very appealing.


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Agree with all above.

At the risk of over-complicating, why not try putting the brain IN the TV?

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The next idea I had was actually to put the brain in the TV like Jay suggests. Didin't work as I would've hoped. It would have been a nice combination.

I've made the brain a little brainer by dividing it in the middle like a real brain is.

I really like the TV, like Seb said it feels stronger. But the brain idea is still pretty funny and quirky so I'm going to try and take it in a direction where I can have both.

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updated versions

Tried the TV with a brain combination.

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All of these are just delightful!


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I agree with Sharon. These are a lot of fun.

One question. Would parents want to buy a toy for their kids if they are going to end up with glazed over eyes? ;^)

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Children with glazed over eyes are much easier to handle. ;)

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This is excellent work. The prefer the versions with the brains showing.

Nick Hladek

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Straight in my eye, nice!
I prefer first pict, version on the left. The brain version don't work for me at first sight.

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I prefer the top left, but they're all good solutions. Great work.


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agree. left version reads nicely as a whole.

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I think the brain would be a bit more obvious if it had a a crease down the center, like this:

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I think if you used the shape and lines of the brain, you could make the brain the screen.. (instead of the screen being a square or rectangular shape). Kind of like what you have in the fourth version you posted.

I think if you haven't, looking at brains for real would help. your brains right now read more like food, something delicious to eat. Its mostly about how swirly and pointed the ends of your lines get. Right now the third one is working the best for me.

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I like the use of typeface and the little logo design, I prefer the brain one as it looks fresh to me instead of the tv one. tv usually resemble to media which is kind of generic. The brain is something new.

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Great logo!
Even though I like the simple tv-only logo better I think it's better to go with brain-tv logo because the first one in its simplistic version has been used by others already.
Robert Koritnik

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Decided to go with the tv/brain combo. This is the finished version of that. The client likes the this version.

The very first idea they had was just a brain with a wind-up key in it. Going to try and make a version with that later although I don't think it will mount to much.

This dosen't have to be finished for another month so I can still make a lot of changes.

Thanks for all the feedback so far.

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I would only add one more minor thing. Smile. Because without a smile to me it looks more like a horror story... Silence of the lambs perhaps. But with a smile it will look friendly. Perhaps.
Robert Koritnik

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The horror part isn't such a bad thing. Their humour is very crude and contains a lot of "evil" stuff with pepole and animals dying in some episodes and in some one is really mean to the other. So it's kind of a wierd horror show in some episodes.

A smile might be to cute but I'll have to try it and see what it looks like.

One of them showed it to his mother and she thought it looked like a bowl of popcorn. I thought that was pretty funny :)

The target audience are boys and girls age 15-20 and it would be awesome if it turns out that the parents don't understand what it is but the kids do.

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Well, I am 22...and I thought it looked like a paper bag. (Just because you changed the top of the tv to be a jagged edge) the one before the last post is really cute though. I thought the VERY first one was a bowl of noodles =)Maybe some kind of mouth would work really well, small though. But I think it looks fine with out one too.


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It does not look brainy enough for me. I see the noodle look too.

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Final version of the logo.

And here is the website that I also made for them. I planned and designed the site. Another guy did the coding.

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Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne

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Love the navigation on the site, shame the logo isn’t on screen for longer.

Bit late now but I preferred the brain in a bowl toy.


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Great end product! I didn't see it on the website though. Where is it? I'd love to see it in action, so to speak.


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The website is odd, it could be any company in the world. Why no branding?

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Beautiful project from beginning to end. Every concept was well-executed and the final product beautifully incorporated the best of the concepts developed and feedback provided in between. Such a fun and well-thought-out logo. It was a pleasure to read and look at this thread. Thanks for sharing!

Michael Browers

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Courtney: Thanks. On the site you can find it in the loading bar(s), on the wall above the tv and at the end of some of the video clips. The logo will also be on the t-shirts and other products when the Shop opens.

Therese: This is what they wanted. The name Pleppo is also very well known among it's target audience and dosen't need that much logo or name branding. There are several commercial campaings going on that promote the site though. The site itself dosen't need to show the name or logo as freaquent as other sites usually do, it's not directly an ordinary company.

Michael: Thanks. It's a pleasure to post projects on this site when you know you'll get some decent feedback.

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