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Make your comments on the type TRAGEDIA.



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Hmmm. I think I see a pattern here. An interesting piece of graphic design around an uninterestingly derivative typeface.

One wonders what the tragedy is supposed to be: what Michael Jackson has done, what he has become, or both? Being not very familiar with Jackson's visual style, I also wonder if the glasses are supposed to evoke Jackson, or perhaps Lennon?


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Thank you for the comment.
I just made a game with Michael Jackson, for the process of surgeries it ended up turning a tragedy. Your metamorphosis in wanting to be something divine or saint.
The glasses were alone for giving a grace in the visual.


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The biggest tragedy in the Michael Jackson case is that we talk about it.


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lol lindo...

I agree with u on that...

Marcio, u can only use that font in english... thats a major handycap...

essa fonte n

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Marcio, I thought grunge fonts were passe.
The only use I have for them is when I use the font as a texture in Photoshop.

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Hi Carolina?
Thank you for the it criticizes.
The source possesses yes accentuation, more it doesn't include in the art that I sent to the forum and nor in the word Tragedy.
Are you Brazilian?
I thank again

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Hi, Daniel.
I agree with you on the type grunge to be of the past.Although I don't agree in that grunge " classification. The past subject or present is also relative, some works not demand a type dirtier, other.
I thank the comment.



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