I need inspiration for beautiful stationary, invoices, contracts, etc. Point me to some good ones?

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Hello all!

I'm having a very hard time finding examples of beautiful corporate/company stationery online. I need some inspiration! If you have a link to a beautiful piece of corporate stationery, or just want to post an image, please do!

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Jay Rutherford says:
The paper stuff you write on, the stuff you buy from a stationer, is spelled "stationery". Things that don't move are stationary. I suppose one could have stationary stationery, as long as it doesn't move.

The Pedant.

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Hehe. Ok. Ok.

You might want to search for letterpress and letterhead and maybe bespoke using google.

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Oh, but I have. The problem is I'm not looking for letterpress work per se, as I find that the letterpress aesthetic is a little more "Mrs Eaves" than I'm looking for. I'm hoping to find stationery with a more modern, contemporary, clean look. Are there any studios that specialize in this and have examples in their online portfolios perhaps?

Awesome>> www.biklopsdesign.com

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What about searching etsy.com? I've seen lots of personalized note cards, business and such on there. May not be exactly what you're looking for but it could work for inspiration.

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First, search in google for "Corporate Identity".
Then, you should start looking in Flickr... like here, here and here.
Finally, take a look at AIGA Design Archives.

Hope this will help... :)

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Thank you all!

Awesome>> www.biklopsdesign.com

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THIS BOOK is quite good. Not huge but a wide variety of samples in full color and all mainly corporate ID with business cards and letterheads.

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Typophiler Nancy Sharon Collins does beautiful work with stationery, though it looks like more personal and advertising work rather than corporate.

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