TypeCon Excursion to Cary Collection

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TypeCon2008 Conference event series- Buffalo NY July 15-20
Public Event

Typographic Excursion to RIT
Cary Graphic Arts Collection
90 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester NY
Tuesday July 15, Noon
Free, Open to the general public

Take advantage of an opportunity to visit the Cary Graphic Arts Collection at RIT. David Pankow, the curator, will show rare typographic treasures from the collection, including the recently acquired original drawings and final artwork for Hermann Zapf's seminal work Feder und Stichel (Pen and Graver). Visitors will also be able to view an exhibition of Artists' Books from the RIT collections in the Cary showcases.

One of the most comprehensive archives of 19th-century type design resides in the Cary Graphic Arts Collection at RIT.

Arrive on your own by 12 noon
For reservations email: info@typesociety.org
or Xpress shuttle only $10 for TypeCon attendees ($20 for general public)
(van leaves Downtown Buffalo Hyatt Hotel at 10 sharp)


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Rich, would you like me to repost items like this to the TypeCon blog?

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Sure, this was just finalized, so I wanted to scoop you one last time. :^)

Blog at will

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You will see me there but I am going to be looking at some other stuff!

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