An alternative font for Trajan Pro

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Does anyone know a font that is similar to Trajan Pro. An alternative version?

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LTC Forum by Fred Goudy would be an example. Do you mean another font based on Roman lapidary letterforms, or do you mean stylistic alternates?

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Can you explain what you don't like about Trajan so we can offer an appropriate alternative?

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If you don't need something very close, consider looking at the caps in your roman fonts. Often the regular caps, spaced out a bit, can serve very nicely as titling. Vendetta Light, Legacy Serif, Jenson, Iowan Old Style, Albertina, Perpetua, Adobe Garamond, Celestia Antiqua, Trajanus, Deepdene, Michelangelo, and Optima Titling have lovely sets of caps.

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There's no alternative to Trajan; just ask the designers of movie posters.

(Sorry, I couldn't resist)

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Garda is also a really beautiful caps font with Classical proportions.

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Goudy Trajan is pretty close, but slightly more expensive than the "true" Trajan

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Oh, I remembered a good one, Waters Titling. Make sure to check out the range of weights and widths, and the nice alternates and cap ligatures.

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Waters Titling is an excellent suggestion because you have so many more options for weights as well as width. It also holds up better at smaller sizes.

I forgot about the Baroque set from Letter Perfect; 3 different typefaces also based on Roman inscriptional lettering.

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Here is a whole thread with Trajan alternatives:
(It's in German but you can look out for the font names and sample images)

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I dont know if I personally agree but someone said:

”I like the look of this face, but I can imagine it quickly experiencing Trajan-like usage by lazy designers”

Over here:

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And some more: Classica & Prestige by Thierry Puyfoulhoux, Imperium by Gert Wiescher, Mantinia by Matthew Carter. Hermann Zapf’s Michelangelo (already mentioned by Carl) has been revived as Palatino Nova Titling.

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Thanks for helping guys! I was looking for a font that was able to make such a beautiful intro like this:

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You might like Penumbra Serif.

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Thanks for helping everyone! I think I will go for Aviano Serif or Aviano by Jeremy Dooley

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Aviano... Uugh. so many nice suggestions and you go for this.


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What's wrong with aviano?

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Aviano isn't really like Trajan at all. You could stretch Trajan out to get something like Aviano. You never said what it was you were looking for in terms of traits, qualities, features, or why you don't want Trajan.

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and (in my very humble opinion, and for a lot of actually good reasons i'm too tired today to expose), aviano sucks. ESPECIALLY when compared to the most beautiful achievement of roman lettering. I mean, michelangelo, perpetua caps, backstabber, fs rome, penumbra serif... c'mon.


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Well... I found it on this link, with Trajan alternatives.

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lol, I only took a quick peek, but I don't think that link contais even one alternative to Trajan.

I would probably think more in the ranges of:

H&FJ Requiem (the Display or Fine smallcaps for example)
or Mantinia by Matthew Carter.

Just to name two.

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