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I'm going to camp...Type Camp.

I finally have something really great to share in my blog here on Typophile! This year I've been invited to participate as an instructor at Type Camp. This opportunity is a return to something I Iove, teaching, and I get to do it with 2 people whom I greatly admire, Dr. Shelley Gruendler and Dyana Weissman.

Type Camp is summer camp for type and typography enthusiasts. Talk about getting your cake and eating it too! I'm thinking of it as an intimate group of people who share a common passion. An opportunity for symbiotic discussion, learning, sharing, exploring, and experimentation. There is no set curriculum from year to year, but if you want to see what they did last year check out the Type Camp Flickr Pool. You can see from all of these photos that the experience goes far beyond just talking about serifs or collecting shells on the beach.

Type Camp takes place in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Galiano Island, BC, just off of the coast from Vancouver.

Read Shelley's wonderful summation Type Camp: REACTION & CATALYST to understand why Type Camp was created.

Dyana is just as excited to particpate as I am. Read her thoughts on the Font Bureau blog, Type 101.


It's the final year for Galiano Type Camp, folks, so this is your last chance! Sunsets and serifs, bald eagles and Bodoni, who could ask for more? It will be an all-Alphabetty teaching staff, too . . . .

Hrm. Contrary to the small typo, the deadline for the deposit has not past and there is still room!


Typo fixed. Please join us!

What a great idea. I followed all the links and read Shelley's summation. I like the all-inclusive philosophy behind this. The list of instructors at typecamp.org is impressive to say the least Thanks for sharing the pics in the photo stream.

A question for Shelly: you say this is the final year for Galiano Type Camp, does that mean this is the last type camp ever?

j a m e s

Yes James, it looks to be the last Type Camp on Galiano ever, and for several reasons. The primary one is that the location where I have it on the island has raised their rates so drastically this year that I'm hoping just to break even and it will be close! In addition, it takes a lot of planning and effort (Marian and Ross and I were utterly exhausted after last year!) and I have to keep the prices low so that all kinds of people can attend. It's been a labour of love and as much as I'd like to see it fly, I don't know that I can anymore. I still think it is a deal at the price - all your locally sourced food, housing in swish cabins, afternoon hangouts at the beaches, and of course your days filled with high-level typetalk not found in many other places in the world. It's good stuff and last year's lot certainly loved it. So yes, that's it for Galiano. I had to cancel Info Design this year from a surprising lack of interest but I do hope to run India next year in December 2009.

Shelly I really hope you can get Type Camp going in another location. The low, low price is way too kind of you. Making it affordable is good, but make it worth the huge effort you and the other instructors put into it by charging a little more. Just a little bit more. I insist. Take care and I hope to meet you one fine day.

Sorry about the delayed reply, I lost track of this thread.

j a m e s