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"Vancouver" face?

My brother reports that this typeface is used all over Vancouver, BC, almost as though it were the official face of the city. Here it is used in a credit union logo, but I'll post additional samples as I find them. Any thoughts?


Perhaps a customized FF Dax.

Almost every city has a font that gets (over)used -- in Vancouver, you see infinite multitudinous flavours of Dax.

Here in Calgary, they really overuse Benguiat and Optima. The former shows up in everything from exceptionally bad gyro shops to the bizarre version used by the support staff workers from the local public school board.

The latter belongs to the oh, aren't we just so terribly serious and important? brigade -- The City of Calgary (see the upper left corner) and The University of Calgary (upper right corner).

Feh to all of them!

Thanks to you both. Yes, it looks like the sample above is Dax, but with a custom-bendy V and y.