Who is Charles Andermack?

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This article from today's NYTimes seems to be confusing Charles Anderson with someone named Charles Andermack. Unless he got pranked (Chanked?), then I must say "bravo!"


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I wondered about that. I wouldn't be surprised if Chank threw a curveball.

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Married name?

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Yep, I think it's a hybrid between Anderson (Chanks real last name) and Olmack (El Mack de los Toros real name)

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And let's not forget baby Max Diesel - who's just turned 2 :-)


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Yeah, that's me.
It's no prank.
Born Charles Anderson.
Then I got a new, married name, Charles Andermack.

Si is right, it's a hybrid, my wife and I smashed our names together,
because we didn't want to deal with hyphenated names.
So we just made up a new legal family name.

Everybody still calls me "Chank".

That's who you should make the check payable to.



Chank Co http://www.chank.com
PO Box 580736
Minneapolis, MN 55458 • USA


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If I had have done that I would be Nick Shinnstine.

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"Si is right, it’s a hybrid, my wife and I smashed our names together"

Ah! I was thinking that a) I either feel dumb and thought Chank's real name was something else for the past 10 years, or b) the NYT actually screwed up.

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