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Logo for an electronic music label

Hello everybody.

Maito Recordings is an upcoming
on-line based music label, which
releases music free, downloadable
directly from our main website.
The Maito Recordings focuses in
experimental sound landscapes and
ambient music, electronic and acous-

(note: the word “maito” is finnish
and means milk)

Having some hint on graphic design,
I decided to try out and make the
logo all by myself.

The emblem resembles a milk stain,
from a glass of milk, which somehow
tries to represent the idea of aeste-
thics in chaos and randomness. The
way the music is created (ambient,
noise, drones etc.) what i’ve
discovered, is quite often based on
randomness. Well.. that’s the basic
idea behind the emblem.

application/pdfMaito Recordings -logo
maito_logo.pdf (58.1 k)

Now comes the hard part. Typography.

1. Kerning. How can I improving it?
2. Composition between logotype and emblem?
3. Alignment between “maito” and “recordings”?

In the logotype sans is Univers Thin Ultra Condenced and serif is Bembo.

All advice is warmly welcome.