Porting over FOG files to Font Lab and Generation

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Porting over FOG files to Font Lab and Generation

I have recently been requested to regenerate a handful of my fonts from Font Lab for a client who insists FOG generated fonts are problematic for them on X and XP. I have built them all in FOG historically and usually do all the generation from FOG.

So, I thought I’d pitch this to the group and see what you suggest…

I know Font Lab cannot open FOG files so I am using my Mac PS FOG-generated files and open the PS file then import all the suitcase data ala “replace all information in this font”

From there I haven’t ever “really” generated file from Font Lab. I usually just do the save as Windows PS but haven’t generated any Mac formats.

Also, do I need to edit the TT setting to 2048 or does it automatically generate TT fonts at that em?

Otherwise Do I need to specify encodings, etc?

Also, how much of that data in the font info box needs to be filled out? And does it include all of that data in the generated font or just in OT fonts?

Sorry for the littany of questions, but I am mostly concerned about missing any biggies that would cause problems later down the line.

Any help would be appreciated,
Stuart :D