Building a better type specimen

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Building a better type specimen

I've produced a few samplers of my fonts, but compared to what I see from a lot of you other designers, they're complete crap.

So, I ask of you, in designing a type specimen, what is the minimum necessary information, what are helpful options to include, and how does one make such a pamphlet truly artful?

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I'm starting on this of type i still didnt make a good font but i think there are two things very important.
One: knowing the letters
You should know how a letter acts, know what is the "lines" of the letter, like a lady! How is the breast of the letter B ? :P why don't you select a good font for you and try to draw it? For that you should read some books about how it started and why are the serif the way they are. I would recommend you a serif font, i started there as i'm telling you and i think i developed myself a lot.

Two: Books, i love you
Try to get some books, some really good books with nice fonts. The love for the books will make you dissecate each letter and learn something about it.

You can buy a lot of books, even about type there are a lot of books. For example, I'm asking on another node for calligraphy books.
That's what i think, as i said, i'm still a newbie.

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