G.I Joe Movie Font - seen it before, can't remember

Anyone have an idea what font this is (I know the "logo" part is custom, I'm referring to the subhead, character & year).


It's got a certain Ray Larabie charm to it, course it's not Neuropol.

I agree... Larabie was the first thought I had too.

UPDATE: Well, once again I am amazed... I had all but given up on MyFonts.com's "WhatTheFont" utility, as it almost never seems to get me close to what I'm looking for, even with a good start image... but I tried uploading this cr*ppy little "DUKE2009" image and it gave me -- as first choice, mind you -- Megahertz In-Italic from T-26!


Looks spot-on to me, so I'm buying the family (we're starting a project, can't tell you what it is ;-)

I'm betting I've seen this (or something very close) as a knockoff on the web -- it's far too "tech" for the pirates to have left alone.