Type Trading Cards

This is not an identification request, but is very pertinent to Type ID

Check out Fonts.com’s monthly Type Trading Cards. They include
history of a typeface and ID hints. Cool! Hope it lasts awhile.

Useless, perhaps, to you experts, but useful and FUN for some of
the rest of us.


Neat idea.

One little nit to pick: The Bembo card states that Bembo was “Released in 1495 by Aldus Manutius.” I think this inaccurate and misleading.

First of all, Aldus’ typeface was not called “Bembo.” That’s the name Monotype gave their version in 1922. It comes from the name of an author of a book printed by Aldus (De Aetna, by Pietro Bembo, published by Aldus in 1495).

Second, he didn’t “release” it in the sense that we mean today. Aldus was a 15th century printer in Florence, Italy. Several types were cut for his use by Francesco Griffo. “Bembo” is a modern revival of one of them. It was never made available to the general public in Aldus’ day the way fonts are today.