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Suppose I have a Unicode Arabic fonts (Or Open type font) which was created in MS Volt. (Such as Arabic Typesetting)
I used in it some glyphs didn't have Unicode code. Such as (Theh with Khah ثخ).

When I created a pdf file with Adobe Acrobat and open it in Adobe Reader or in Acrobat itself and try to search to theh with Khah ثخ, I didn’t find it.
Acrobat and some program can't find any glyph or a ligature didn't have a Unicode codepage.
How could I solve that?
If I give this glyph (ligature) a Unicode code from unicode private area, could I find it. Did Acrobat or other program support Private Area (UPA)?
To whom had Mac computer, shall we face the same problems.

If we used non Unicode fonts to create the pdf file and try to use search to any glyph, it didn't find anything. (It didn't find the base glyph such Jeem, beh … etc)


Hasan Abu Afash

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