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Ooops, missed the Europe thing.


ohhhh peter, not watched out :-)

hi peter,

google is your friend and helper :-)

you are the winner!

yes it almost feels like cheating using Google :-D

oki my turn, what is this?


Lower-case e from Sassoon Primary?

no, sorry!

But you’re right about the lower-case e.

A small consolation, but a consolation nonetheless.

ParisinePlus Bold Italic

Its not Parisine Tiffany!!!!!!

I have a new Type Quiz! what is the typeface used by Apple for Panther, see

Don’t be mad. It was only a guess. ,^(

FS Albert ?

I really don’t think Jean-Fran

what is the typeface used by Apple for Panther, see

You mean the big ‘X’? Looks like something by Gerard Unger.

PS Font Book looks promising. I sure hope it delivers. :-)

Whoops?! Hold it! Waitaminit. Font Book? FontBook?
Can anyone say “copyright infringement”?

Bruhn’s lower-case “e”

axually… it cannot be it… but i am still gonna guess on a font that i really dislike… MS Comic sans
it loox far too sharp to be it… but a guess is a guess

or how about Productus from Fontbureau?
book italic..

or perhaps

Agenda also from Fontbureau
regular extra condensed italix

none of the above!
sorry about the delay in my reply…the storm last night destroyed my adsl now I’m on a poor 56k

I’ll put up a new sample of the font



my ADSL survived the storm…

How about Eidetic Neo Italic from Emigre…?
is that the one?

No — sorry Jack. But you are getting closer:-)

my guess is Ottomat Italic by Claudio Piccinini

FS albert is a very nice font.
that is not it.

what about Hermes from Fontbureau? is that the one?!

freaking hell… i did not see Mr Bruhn’s post… sorry Peter.

jack, this is not the hermes.

a hint, the foundry text about the font family.

Designs of characters that are almost forty years old can be already restored like a historical alphabet

Juvenis by Storm.

Storm typefaces are a popular choice on this thread.

Storm typefaces are a popular choice on this thread ;)