[TYPE ID Request - Classic Mantels]. Lost in swooshes

Happy Sunday all,

Subject says it all really, I'm stuck on the scripty swoosh face; half of me thinks the C is from a different face to the rest so I've been delving into fonts I have with ornaments and swooshes, got sidetracked by Poetica [again], and have ended up here via the usual online ID tools.


Many thanks,



Matthew Carter's Shelley. The OpenType version comes in one font with the swash 'C' built in (scroll down).

Thank you so much [and speedily to boot]!

And cheap at half the price for the starving Mr Carter. [Cough] :)


Even less than half! In legacy formats Shelley is 3 fonts.

I'm sure he's quite happily living off Verdana's royalties unless he signed his soul away to Microsoft without any further help from me required.

Not sure what Verdana and Georgia bring him, but most likely he earns the bulk of his income from custom designs, not retail sales.