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Classic sports script suggestions

I am working on a logo project for a sports league, initially basketball but later will expand to softball. He wanted the logo to be more on the conservative/traditional feel versus a more current x-treme sports look.

So one of the directions I wanted to explore was using a classic baseball-inspired script. Yeah, I know I'm doing basketball, but don't get hung up on that.

I've come up with Metroscript, Fenway Park (nice but no swash characters), Casey (too much contrast), LHF Ballpark, Philly Sports.

Metroscript feels the most unique, but some letters feel to erratic. I like the swashes.

I especially need an attractive "y" and "g". I can't reveal the full name of the client, but it includes the word "League"

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Ballpark and Chicago Scripts from Letterhead.

Home Run by Doyald Young.