Script figures?

Hi everyone. Does anyone know what these figures are?
This seems to be a script style, but I don't have any clue.


More like a Modern. Don't mind me, I'm a newbie... :)

Yeah, might be.
The character's width is narrow, have hair lines, and much slanted. That's why I thought these were Script style. However, the terminal of three are like a Modern.

The 3 really looks like a Didot (Linotype's i think) but way more slanted. I couldn't find a 1 like that though...

Thanks dbeltechi.
I compared it with Linotype Didot. It's vary close.
The 1's beak seemed to be revised.
My assumption was not correct.
Thank you very much!

You're welcome. I hope I am correct. I am by no means an expert.