I made something cute and free called Sniglet

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Just a fun project I've been working on in my spare time :) It's only ttf but has a reasonably complete character set for other languages.

Download here:

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It is cute. Nice work Haley.

I love type!

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This is so cute I picked up my lil’ kitty Didi and gave her extra kissings.

Reminds me of Polar Bear:

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Rich Hall would be proud!

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Rich Hall? Who dat?

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so cute

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Let me know of you need an extra baby daddy :-)

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Thanks, Haley! And thanks to Aluminum for the Rich Hall reference!

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Me too Aluminum

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Note: by "a reasonably complete character set for other languages" Haley means western European stuff covered by MacRoman/WinANSI. No CE or anything more exotic. Still, that's noticeably above the average for a free font. :)



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That looks fun. But shouldn’t you include something like a readme or the licencing/distribution-stuff in the ZIP?

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Like it. It's got a light, floaty feel about it.

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I made up a sniglet in college: Eclection (eclectic+collection) It was in reference to my at the time roommate's CD collection that ranged the gambit of musical tastes.

This is cute Haley.

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