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Type Invaders release Feisar Express

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Type Invaders release Feisar Express

The Hague, 9 July 2008

Feisar Express, designed by Paul van der Laan, is the latest addition to the everexpanding Feisar family:

Feisar Express could be called a ‘retro-futuristic inline script typeface family’. But it would be better to say that it is the outcome of an experiment to explore what can be done with current font technology. This family comes in two different inline styles (called One and Two) and each inline style comes in three different variants for up, down and alternating connections (called Uptown, Downtown and Crosstown).

More information, examples and a specimen can be found at the Type Invaders website. A special introductory price of 50 euros for the complete bundle applies until 15 August.


Paul van der Laan