(x) Catherine Campbell Spencerian script - Scriptofino {Trish}

This is my first post :) I would appreciate if someone can help ID the script use for [[http://creaturecomforts.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2008/06/26/cath...|Catherine Campbell]] in the picture. I thought it was the "Splendid Script," but upon closer inspection, it wasn't.

Hope someone can help me =)

Thanks in advance!


That's a hard one to search for. Its a Spencerian font as in Platt Rogers Spencer of the 19th century. Unfortunately, most type searches will lump copperplate scripts in with Spencerian because they are all formal pointed pen scripts.

A excellent example of a Spencerian style font is:


or the thinner more casual:


Both are from Paul Hunt.

Thanks for your response Stephen :) I'm still stumped. Hope to find out soon.

Hi Lala,

this looks like Penman by [[Roger Vershen]].

Yep! Good call, Trish.