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Chank Diesel

Chank Diesel, a.k.a. Charles Andermack, was born in Canada, raised in Florida and educated in Minnesota. He currently runs his foundry Chank Fonts from his home office in Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Chank strives to make fonts fun and accessible for both the average computer-user and professional designers. He distributes a diverse collection of display fonts through his website Chank.com and also creates custom fonts for corporate clients who want exclusive rights and a specific design for a typeface. Chank’s Go Font Yourself! service is popular with individuals who want a custom font of their own handwriting.

Chank began making fonts in 1992 when he worked as creative director of the alternative music magazine, CAKE. Making the most of his connections in the music industry, he road-tripped across America and visited designers at record labels. He earned a reputation as “The Travelling Font Salesman” and also snagged some high profile font appearances on album covers.

Chank’s fonts were featured in the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum as “important examples of contemporary typography” in 1996, the same year as he established Chank.com. In 1997 he was profiled in The Wall Street Journal, complete with etched portrait. More recently he was featured in the New York Times article entitled “Down With Helvetica: Design Your Own Font.”

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Website: http://www.chank.com