Suunto typeface Id

Does know what typeface this is? It seems to be avenir but it appears wider.


I think the S is more closed than Avenir's, but not as much as Helvetica/Arial. With that said, these letters are not the best for ID purposes, because there may be too many candidates. Maybe that's the good news, because it would be hard to prove them wrong.

For the sake of argument I will pick http://Felbridge Bold and say that it would match if you just widened it a bit. The truth is it could probably be many fonts, with no other letters for comparison.

- Mike Yanega

If you widened it certainly would be it. I'll accept that. Thanks Mike.

I know I am in my own little world, but its ok. They know me here

Hi. Try this font: Media Gothic

It's near exact to SUUNTO's font.
I hope it helps to anyone that reads this now.


Guillermo Velasco, from Madrid, Spain.