a clever font? what be it?

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i would love to know what font this is, if anyone knows what it is or anything similar - it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Hmm, thought it might be Potrzebie, the freebie from Rotodesign...


...but it's not.

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Also not Latino Rumba or MVB Hotsy Totsy, though they are in the same genre of casual latins.

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It is Desigers. You also might like Atlas by Christian Schwartz.

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Rumba by House Industries?
Does it have alternates, maybe?
A related thread with some more lookalikes: http://www.typophile.com/node/4212

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Mmmrpf, I should do a refresh before posting my guesses.

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What on earth does "desigers" mean, I wonder.

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BUZZ! Incorrect . . . The REAL name of this font is Ricky Nelson which was offered exclusively by Andreson Typesetting on the west coast of America . . .

At their heyday they had over 14 shops on the west coast and as part of their offerings, they released an exclusive line of typefaces . . . Among these was Bel Air originally designed by Clive Piercy and digitized by Robbie De ViIlliers later from Wilton Type . . .

There is a digital version of Ricky Nelson currently in the works (not by me) that will be released in the coming months and finally put an end to this obscure font ID . . .

BTW, it HAS already once been digitized and offered under the name Designers, no credit is visible in that version . . .


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thankyou all so much!

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