Two New Faces from YouWorkForThem

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Two New Faces from YouWorkForThem

Hello Typophiles,

Been a bit since I posted here but thought I would check out what was going on in the world of Type. I have been working a lot on type lately and have 5 or so faces to release. I also will be at TypeCon so if you are there too, hit me up.

This typeface is called Tapscott and has a jazz feel to it. I incorporated a lot of alternate letters and character combinations so it feels fresh if you are wanting a custom type feel. We have been doing a lot of hand-drawn faces lately at the YWFT offices and we normally do at least one alternate for every letter to keep it fresh. I basically took a sans look and added some ligature options to be used sparingly.

More info here:

This is Neighborhood, designed by YWFT's Travis Stearns. This is his first working typeface and think he did a good job on it. The font contains tons of extra characters as well and took him a bit to complete. He reworked it a lot and think the final output is a unique hand-drawn serif.

More info here:

Well just thought I would put these out there and show what we have been doing lately! :)