"See Something" NYC Terrorism Awareness Campagin (2002)

Anyone get a fix on this one? WTF gave me Franklin and Hector, but neither was correct. Note the slightly squared off feeling to the "S". The stubby "G". The center of the "M" touches the baseline, and the "A" has a very low connector.



I have since discovered the campaign was created by Kory Kay and Partners... Seems they are a fan of this font, as they have re-used it (if not exactly, very similar) in Al Gore's green campaign... See attached for bigger sample.

Aha! Using this larger image, WTF gave me back Plak Black Condensed by Paul Renner. Nice "R"s on this font... Although it looks like Kory Kay created a custom "!" for the Gore campaign.

I found it on Linotype: PlakBlackCond.