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early student type designers

Dear Typophiles

Can anyone remember or does anyone know who may have been the first college-level students to design their own typefaces? I ask because the topic came up while I was visiting with a type designer friends this last weekend. I know of an RIT student in the late 60's, but could there be an earlier example of a student type designer? I'd be very interested to find out. Meanwhile, I am transcribing a paper written by aforementioned RIT student describing his process to post on my Typophile blog later.

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When Bauhaus moved to Dessau I think Bayer did some type design work with students, but I could be wrong. That may be one possibility to research more on.

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Two student class projects were:
Egyptian 505 (students of André Gürtler at the Allgemeine Gewerbeschule, Basel, by 1966)
Project 306 (students of Ronald Arnholm at the University of Georgia).

Both were released for display filmsetting by VGC.

I'd guess there are other designs accepted for production that originated as student projects. How about the 1949 sketches for Univers, according to Friedrich Freidl?