Lettering on Chicago Park District metal signage?

I love the lettering used in the old Chicago Park District signage, and was thinking of designing my first typeface, based upon this. But I wanted to see if it already existed before I began work. So, could you all please help--what is this typeface, if it already exists? Thanks for any help!


There are some experts around on this kind of metal typeface, Its similar to http://neutraface but its not it! I'll see can I find the thread for you! It was on postoffice signage if I remember correctly!

Stuart Sandler is also working on something similar, I have found a few links about this metal signage which can be found on alot of American office buildings from the 50's and 60's I think. Ask some of the experts or just read the blogs!

http://www.flickr.com/photos/stewf/sets/72157603592705592/ courtesy of Stephen Coles

Good luck with the typeface design!

Thanks so much for the start and help. This should be some fun research, before I even get to the typeface design. :)