Epiphany (contemporary skoropis)

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This is my typeface Epiphany.
It is a contemporary interpretation of Russian skoropis. Epiphany has its origin in calligraphic scripts of 15-17 centuries, but it has almost no contrast. I saved typical calligraphic movements and historical letterforms, but I removed original skoropis tool (goose quill). So, Epiphany is not a revival, but skoropis of our days. It has rich set of Cyrillic ligatures and alternates.
Now I want to create Latin letters for Epiphany. What can you advice me? Are there any Latin calligraphic styles which are suitable for my typeface?

Thank you!

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I like this.

It's not clear what you mean when you ask for Latin calligraphic styles that are "suitable" for this face.

I'd start by adapting letters like A, B, K, etc. that are the same in Cyrillic and Latin, and then finish the rest off in the same style.


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Thank you, Matt!

Epiphany has a lot of historical forms, because it is based on 15-17 centuries writting. So, I would like to add a shade of archaism to Latin too. And I need original historical Latin forms. Do you know any Latin script like a Russian skoropis?

Sorry for my English.

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This is gorgeous. I love it.

To me, this looks totally modern. It reminds me a bit of my own ITC Dartangnon. Except mine has rounded terminals.

Nick Cooke

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Thank you, Nick!

It’s very pleasant, that Epiphany looks totally modern for you. But Сyrillic readers can feel the spirit of the Middle Ages in Epiphany. So I would like to find historical forms to Latin.
What can you say about my first attempt in Epiphany Latin?

Oleg Macujev

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Looks great Oleg! I can already see 3 OT features; Swash cap R, replacement ligature ss, and contextual alternate end character a. Why do you need to find something else? You are perfectly capable of creating it yourself. Carry on in that vein and it'll be a winner in Latin and Cyrillic.

Nick Cooke

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Absolutely agree. This is such a fresh and lovely take on something that, for me, feels slightly reminiscent of art deco scripts.

I'm pushing this to the front page. Gorgeous.

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Beauty! It's probably not something you intended, but it's perfect for pysanky with a modern kistka (no chicken bones!).

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Nick, Miss Tiffany, Mica, thank you all!

to Nick: I will try to develop Latin part this way, but some historical forms wouldn’t be a bad thing.

to Miss Tiffany: Art Deco? It’s funny. I didn’t think about this style while working on Epiphany.

to Mica: Exactly, Epiphany is closely connected with national culture and national crafts. So, pysanky will be good application for my typeface.


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Maybe a little after Art Deco. More along the lines of the lettering they used for silent movies.

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I've reverted to Epiphany Latin and create u&lc and some alternates and ligatures.
I've tried to mix cursive and uncial forms, as I did in Cyrillic part.
Does it look natural?

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Lovely! It seems a little less “flowing” than its cyrillic counterpart. I think it’s because it seems to lack an uniform direction/structure.

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Yay! Inspirational, and fun to look at.

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I really love this font! How do I contact you? I would like to learn more about it. I have a Russian text that I would like to be this type. "человек рассужен его действиями, не его словами" Can you help me?

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oh my gosh, beautiful!
//am a proud russian now.

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You took a break?


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