>>> Type ID Pop Quiz V2.4 - Expert Level

This is how it works:

  • A portion of a glyph is published in the Type ID Pop Quiz.
  • Try to identify the glyph and the typeface. To win, you need to name at least:
    1. typeface
    2. weight
    3. character/glyph
  • Show off your knowledge by casually mentioning additional trivia, like who designed it, when and by whom was it (first) published, and other cool stuff to impress your fellow Typophiles with.
  • The winner produces a new challenge -- a portion of a glyph, black on white background, presented in a 288 x 288 pixel square, including a R204G000B00 1 pixel border.
  • The person who posts a challenge can't win the next game.

In case of any disputes, I will act as judge, jury and avenging angel of wrath.

If you think this is a little too difficult, maybe try the Entry Level Type ID Pop Quiz or Intermediary Level Type ID Pop Quiz first.

Good luck everyone, and have fun. ;^)

With respectful thanks to the originator of this utterly useless but highly entertaining waste of time, the often imitated but never duplicated Cheshire Dave.


Correct - it is an ffi ligature!

Ah. ffi ligature. That is Verlag. No?

Add the weight and you've won, Tiffany!


Yup. Your turn.

Tiffany is indisposed and has asked me to take another turn to keep the contest moving. So here it is:

It's a... 3?

- Lex


Not a 3. Not Vitriol.

Same glyph and scale. Nobody knows what this ornamented font is?

Is that could be a lower cas z?

Yes, you've read it correctly, it's a 'z'.

♫ On some day before Christmas a Bavarian gave to me
A decorated version of his handsome font for free. ♩

Okay, it has a red nose, right?

Will you end my reign, dear Florian?

Dear Craig, I’m afraid that first someone needs to make a guess or two over at the other quiz which I am hosting. Quiz fans, where are you?

Is it XMasRudolph, the free star-spangled version of Hubert Jocham’s expressive display serif Rudolph?

You got it!

Here’s the new challenge, have fun everyone!

Lowercase y?

That is correct.
It is a revival of a typeface that has been revived a couple of times in recent years.

DTL Fleischmann Display Regular?

Very well – and very quick, Bart!

It is Fleischmann Roman Display regular, designed by Erhard Kaiser for Dutch Type Library (1993–97). It was the first revival of the types by Johann Michael Fleischmann in the digital age. In the specimen [pdf, 1.2mb], Kaiser mentions a phototype version designed by his teacher Harald Brödel and published by Typoart Dresden in 1985, and a Fleischmann-inspired design by Georg Belwe, which was published in 1930 by Ludwig Wagner in Leipzig.

Yves Peters has written a comprehensive comparison of the various Fleischmann revivals for typographer.org (discussed at Typophile: 1, 2), including Mercury, Farnham, Fenway, DTL Fleischmann and Eudald; leaving out Fleischman BT, which looks rather like a Me-Too font anyway.

[And after having run a search for Fleischmann, I now know why you could find out this one so fast. Good taste! :D]

Yes, it's one of my all time favourite typefaces!

And amazing background information once again, Florian! I know how I will spend this sunday afternoon :^)
I never knew Mercury & Farnham were Fleischmann revivals too, but now I see the resemblance.

New challenge coming up after I'm up-to-date with Fleischmann again ;^)

OK, here's the new one. Probably not very difficult, but I couldn't resist ;¬)

This -- rather obese at its young age -- typeface comes from the north, but has a name from the east.

Hmm, maybe not already as popular as I might have expected.

No guesses at the glyph? It's not much larger than the cropped image; the red square barely fits inside the outline.

maybe not already as popular as I might have expected.

Bart, I think the problem is rather that the Type Pop Quiz is not very popular, at the moment.
I hope a few more people will chime in soon.

Is it an A?

Ohh, I know what it is. But I can't win, right? I won the last one over in the Intermediate Quiz. :-(

It's not an A.

Nina, I don't think that rule applies between different Type Quizzes, so shoot! ;^)

Oh really? Neat. :-)

I'd say it's the letter R/r from Akimoto, a very new, caps-only, single-weight fat slab face designed by Ossi Gustafsson from Finland.

Absolutely correct! :¬)

Not much more to add -- besides maybe the foundry: Hiekka Graphics, which also has a Flickr account with some cool samples.
I especially like the quotation marks, where the white space "arrows" become the positive space.

And I think it might have surpassed http://Black Slabbath in being the heaviest typeface in the world ( do I hear Jeremy Clarkson? ).
Ah well, we'll call it a draw...

:-) Finnish rocks. Gotta love words like "Yhteystiedot" (from their web site).

So, here's a new one. My first ever submission to an expert level quiz (:
Hope it's not too easy.

I know that ‘Q’.

Go for it, Jan!

I know I’ve seen that ‘Q’ before but can’t remember the font is what I meant ;-)

Zoomed out a little …
This could be a "q" too btw.

You probably know it – you might even have gotten it for free.
Here's a different glyph from the same font (zoomed out a little):

Maybe by Mr. Jos?

No, by somebody whose first name starts with an F.

Rigth. Now that I checked it closer, I can see it's not from Museo (but it's pretty similar).

This could be a “q” too btw.

Does this mean it’s either unicase or SC?

No SC in this one. But, yes.

This font was mentioned on Typophile today!

I really have been trying to figure this one out.
Can’t nail it.

It’s a unicase font?
The designer’s last name (?) starts with an F.
It once was (or still is) available as a free font.

Good to see you're still on the case!
And speaking of cases: Yes, it's unicase.

It's the designer's first name that starts with an F. Last name starts with an R.
Also, the foundry has a language-specific character in their name, which is interesting because that character isn't used in the language that's spoken in the (European) country where they are based.

And yes, this particular font was given away for free by one reseller in the past; though not any more.

And there is still that other hint: This font was mentioned on Typophile on February 2 – and in a forum you like to frequent. :-)

I might post another glyph in a bit…

Now, this was pure detective work. Uff. Never seen it. Never heard of it.
It’s Designal LW20 by Félix Rufín from Type-Ø-Tones, Barcelona.

A big round of applause for Sherlock Holmes ;-) – that's 100% right!

Sorry I seem to keep picking hard examples – that wasn't intentional. I got this one as a free download from FontShop a while ago (it was one of those free font of the month things).

Anyway: Your turn, Jan :-)

Thanks, Nina.

Here’s a new one: