>>> Type ID Pop Quiz V2.4 - Intermediate Level

This is how it works:

  • A complete glyph is published in the Type ID Pop Quiz.
  • Try to identify the typeface. To win, you need to name both the typeface and the weight.
  • Show off your knowledge by casually mentioning additional trivia, like who designed it, when and by whom was it (first) published, and other cool stuff to impress your fellow Typophiles with.
  • The winner produces a new challenge -- a complete glyph, black on white background, presented in a 288 x 288 pixel square, including a R204G000B00 1 pixel border.
  • The person who posts a challenge can't win the next game.

In case of any disputes, I will act as judge, jury and avenging angel of wrath.

If you think this is a little too difficult, maybe try the Entry Level Type ID Pop Quiz first. Too easy? Go to the Expert Level Type ID Pop Quiz.

Good luck everyone, and have fun. ;^)

With respectful thanks to the originator of this utterly useless but highly entertaining waste of time, the often imitated but never duplicated Cheshire Dave.


Sorry Craig, you’re too late …

Shoot, gotta be quick around here!

Hmm, a little hint maybe?
The one I posted is not a letter S from an inline font.

Actually, I'm sure you all know this multi-weight, multi-language, sans serif typeface, although this is from its Alternate version (which is the only one I have – but judging by the PDF, it looks like this symbol doesn't differ from the regular version).

Is it a section mark?

You're §pot on, Craig. :)

Hmm, this is what the S would look like (same font, same scale).
If anyone is still watching this, that is…

Fedra Sans Bold by Peter Bilak?

But is the version at Typotheque… the version at FontShop and MyFonts has a different §
That was very tricky!

Congrats Marcelo! That's 100% correct. (Actually I used Fedra Sans Alt Bold, as I don't have the non-Alt, but I'm pretty sure these particular glyphs are the same.)

And, I'm very sorry about the version problem. It didn't occur to me that there might be different "§" versions floating around… mea culpa.  :-|
Anyway, yes, this is the Typotheque version.

You go!  :-)

Great! thanks, Nina.

Here we go:

Have fun!

hmmm… it seems there's no one interested in the quizes anymore?
Anyway, here a little hint: The designer is a fellow latin american.

You might already have guessed it… This is not a ‘t’

A dagger then?

yes, Craig, it's a † dagger from a very sweet font.

That would be Ale Paul's http://Candy Script from Sudtipos!

Yes it is! congratulations.
Your turn now.

Here it is.

Hint: This font is as old as Clint Eastwood.

Or maybe even better: old as Der blaue Engel.

It is Kino, designed by Martin Dovey in 1930.

You got it, barthak!


Here's a new one:

This idiosyncratic italic is of French proportions, but its shapes take their cues from the Dutch style.

Absara Regular Italic?

Absolutely! Well done :)

Thanks! Now I have to come up with a quest…

Ok, here it is:

Tip: it’s not available anymore, the designer withdraw the typeface

hint: It was for sale at Garagefonts

More glyphs:

Good luck! :)


A glyph from a (different) typeface designed by the same designer:

So the designer is Joshua Darden.

Yes, you are right! One of the first designs he made was part of the collection of GarageFonts, but not any more. What was the name of that typeface?
He didn’t design it alone though…


Hint 1: Joshua Darden designed the typeface in collaboration with Timothy Glaser.
Hint 2: Also a serif version was designed with the name (name typeface) Bookserif.

You got it! It’s you turn now.

Okay, here goes:

I know that one! :D

Yes you do, but somebody else must, too!

I do -- it's the inverted exclamation mark from Cochin! :^)

You got it - that was quick! You're up, barthak.

Just good timing, been a while since I visited the forum. Nice challenge, btw.

Here's a new one:

It's not some obscure bitmap font, it's actually from a respectable Font Foundry.

Oops, wrong thread. Sorry.

Is that a fleuron?

Not a fleuron, just a kapital letter.

Btw it's been so long that I've forgotten the name of this ffont myself! :P

>just a kapital letter.

From the roman alphabet?

It is one of the three uppercase K alternates in Martin L’Allier’s modular blackletter typeface FF Karo Line.

Absolutely! Great, the quiz finally continues :)

Woohoo! Okay, the next one will be a tad easier:

Have fun!

Iowan Old Style Roman? If it is, this was too easy indeed.