Looking for scripty 50s chrome fonts as found on vintage cars

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anyone have any font/s in mind that would emulate the scripty retro chrome font from cars back in the day?

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Leslie Cabarga's Streamline, Rocket and Raceway from FontBureau

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Font Diner has several fonts that might work. Look at Rocket Script and Cool Air Conditioner in the Free Silverware section, Permanent Waves under the Doggie Bag set, and Continental Railway under the Brown Bag set.

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A couple of other Leslie Cabarga 'chrome' candidates: Magneto and Neon Stream. Ray Larabie's Deftone Stylus also works as a chrome script, and of course there is Laser, which even comes in a chrome version.

- Mike Yanega

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Here is a good choice. You should of listed cars your looking for parts for. Some places specialize in certain models.

Windshield Replacement

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