What a great TypeCon!

What a great TypeCon! I even got to have coffee with JP at the end today.

I am plenty tired but also very happy.

My thanks to everybody who made it possible & especially the kind folk at p-22!



So how did the {calt) presentation go? That is the one I most wanted to see! Will you have speaker notes or presentation slides or pdf for those of us who missed it?

I also missed seeing Matthew Carter at the type crits.


I missed that one too. I heard that it was good, but would love to see notes as well. I snuck out to play tunes at an Irish music session at Nietzsche's that afternoon.

It was a great week.


Chris - Matthew Carter was unable to attend at the last minute. I believe it's the first TypeCon he's missed. Eben's talk was excellent, especially the slides. I hope he'll share them online.

Thanks Stewf! Is Matthew ok? I hope it wasn't a health reason that kept him away.


Thanks for those kind words Stewf!

I was told that he was just very busy with a project - no doubt one we will all be excited to see. I have a request in to try to see him since he may not be at Atypi either. fingers crossed!

I will post the talk & it's images at some point after I have settled in at Reading. The main reason being - I have much more stuff that would just assume go in that 20 min at Typecon would not permit. The Atypi slot is 50 min so more things will fit.

Also I was just at the Boston Rare Books room and found a copy of the Iambluchus ( Aldine/Griffo ) that was printed very well. I think some of those images might make it into the talk as well. I have one more week in Boston coming up and with luck I may find other interesting stuff. And who knows, maybe more folk will send me more cool things to see. I know I would like to put Paul Hunt's font in.