Uniscribe support for GSUB/latn/*/locl?

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Uniscribe support for GSUB/latn/*/locl?

Does anyone know if there's some version of Uniscribe that turns on locl for Latin scripts?

I'm aware that InDesign CS3 does this on its own, and that the pango renderer (on Linux) also turns it on since version 1.17. Does anyone know anything else that supports it?

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Joined: 17 Feb 2004 - 2:07pm

If you mean just applying 'locl' feature, Uniscribe shipped with Vista and Office2007 do this for every script, not only Latin. But there is a catch, it applies 'locl' to default language system.

If you are asking about shaping with custom language (other than default), this Uniscribe version also provides new set of APIs allowing to apply client-supplied language tag.