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Hi all, for a Dutch foundation I'm looking for a serif/sans combination for their quarterly reports. Besides bodytext, the reports have quite a lot of tables, info- and discussionboxes and portrets. So I will be using the sans a lot.
Now the foundation wants 'something fresh' – whatever that may be.

Anyway, they rejected my Scala/Scala Sans and Haarlemmer/Haarlemmer Sans proposals (which I both use daily). Miller/Meta new, they are taking in concideration.
They don't mind herhaps purchasing fonts – also for future use. I've been looking at Lisboa from Fountain, nice but I'm not sure wether I like the numerals. But definitely refreshing.

Some help would be highly appreciated; anybody got any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in Advance, Brieck

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Malaga + Vista

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Here's a Dutch combination (probably a little obvious to you, but it has any possible kind of numerals you may want for tables etc): TheSans + TheAntiqua from Taz is another of Lucas' sans-serifs, a little less "warm and friendly" than TheSans. Also, you probably know Fresco/Fresco Sans by Fred Smeijers (OurType). From the same foundry, the gorgeous Versa by Peter Verheul. The sans version may be to close to the serif though to really stand out.
Outside Holland, have you looked at Leitura from Dino dos Santos? A family with sans, serif, news and headline fonts.
Veel succes! Jan

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Thank you both for your suggestions. While I was checking out the fonts, I received an email with an idea of their own: Dolly. Obviously an employee came up with this suggestion. I've done a few books with Dolly in the past – never could make it sing on the page.
Besides, I find it a bit obligatory by now. Anyway, they like it, I don't. So any suggestions to alternatives (that come close to Dolly) would be very welcome. The only one I could find so far was Dederon
Thanks in advance, Brieck

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In someway close to Dolly might be Lexicon or Elena...

(For the sans: the upcoming Actium)

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I assume that Lexicon exceeds their budget – Teff fonts are overprized anyway imo. Elena, very friendly, but I'm not sure whether this is the – let's call it contemporary – (house)font they are looking for.

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National and Newzald, at Village, look awfully good.

And you could try Stone's Cycles with his Stone Humanist, or, depending on what you're going for, maybe his Magma family.

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