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Hello, hi

The magazine's name is "SALDO" which means something like "bank balance" in Swedish (it's for the business students). Basically it containt useful info for students, interviews (sometimes with bigshots like the Swedish finance minister!) and other stuff that's relevant for a business student.

Current logo is in Arial Black which has an added shadow and wider than usual letters.

I've drawn some own letters that are meant to look like Arial/Helvetica but much more simple in their form. However I'm having a hard time with the letter 'S'.

Even though it's starting to not look like complete crap it doesn't seem to fit with the other letters at all.

I'd be happy with all help I can get.

The final logo will have the smaller text and line underneath it. Oh, and don't be shy to criticize the other letters and whole design.

Old (current) logo

New (work in progress) logo

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it doesn't really say much ... it's pretty bland.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design

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Something about the S...I dunno....all the other letters have uniform strokes, and the S's variable-width strokes just throw me also looks like the S is top-heavy, although that could be an optical illusion.


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The S is unattractive and lumpy. Both Helvetica and Arial seem too functional for this application. I would like to see something bolder and more serious. It needs more character.

Nick Hladek

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What Nick just said.

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Sorry i couldn't respond sooner...

You are all right!
The logo (masthead?) is very boring and does not convey anything but blandness, and in attempting to change it without altering too much the result is boring too.

So basically it's probably time to change it completely and try something different.

You will be hearing from me.

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Ok, so I'm back with another prototype. This time i hope to be more successful.

And i redid one of our old covers with the new logo (masthead)

I also provide the original cover to compare


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The lines you have there now are looking a bit too 'newspapery' to me. Try taking them out and see how it looks. If it's too boring try manipulating the text itself to make it more unique.

I do like that you scaled it down in size though.

Magazines that are cluttered aren't magazines that are read. The same goes for marks and logotypes.

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I agree with pennANDink about the lines, but don't lose all of them. Try a variation with fewer of them (but still vary the weights!). This version looks MUCH more dynamic and exciting to me. Good job!

Oh, and maybe make it a bit bigger compared to the page.


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