Bruce and Nick Shinn's Scotch Modern

I was reading the introduction in Nick Shinn's 'The Modern Suite' which talks about his new Scotch Modern and about George Bruce. At TypeCon I bought a little 1964 reprint of a specimen booklet from 'Geo. Bruce & Co.' c1848 in the hopes that I could find the origins for the type speciman below and above.

The sample is from the 1986 Revlon Annual Report which my (then) partner and I designed.* I recall that the type was Bruce something but have never found it since.

Carol Wahler's gracious husband at the Type Directors Club in NYC found it for me in one of the catalogues from defunct photo-type houses in new york from the '80s. I think it was called Bruce Roman. The specimen we found was lovely; simple and clean and in my memory it reminds me of the line of thinking behind Scotch Modern.

Does "Bruce" ring anybody's bells?

* The .jpg is from a .pdf saved from a scan from a dupe of a 35mm slide so the reproduction stinks. The photography in the Report was done by David Seidner, Noelle Hoeppe and Michael Tighe who shoots a lot for Rolling Stone, or so he did. The copy, and legal stuff was handled by Frankfurt, Gipps, Balkind, we took care of all the creative, art and printing. Color seps, I believe, by Master Eagle. The paper I can not recall but it was purchased and ready on the printing house floor. Ronald O. Perlman took Revlon private so the piece was never printed; seps destroyed and paper probably reclaimed by the printer. A lot of money was spent and as much wasted. Only the second generation 35mm slides survive.


I can't see any picture. In IE or Firefox.
It's just me?


that stinks, i can view in safari and opera. i will load again in a new post, sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Nancy. I think the font you want is Bruce Old Style:

The Linotype original is Bruce Old Style, and came with an italic.

I remember using it, or at least having it pointed out to me, in the late 1980s. It's listed as a digital font for the 202, which is how I would have had it set.

Matthew Carter is working on titling version of Bruce. It can be seen in this years Pentagram calendar.

It’s lovely too!

Mikey :-)

Mark: Thank you for finding the digital version.

Peter: What does "for the 202" mean? I have some old Linotype catalogs but have never found a Bruce, do you have a specimen? I would love to see a scan of it.