Desperately need help with type

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Desperately need help with type

Hi all,

Have just found this site after a year and a half in design wilderness!

Am about to start a company called Bedouin Travel, it's based in London and the main activities are: 1. Islamic Pilgrimages to Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia and 2. General tours and holidays off the beaten track in the Middle East (Syria, Jordan, and Oman amongst others).

Am looking for a font that reflects the companies professionalism in a market full of amateurs, with a consistent and clean (i.e. not over fussy or elaborate) brand image. To make an similae with cars, when I started the project I was pitching the image level at around the Bentley/Aston Martin luxury level when that was not an accurate reflection of the product or the market I'm going for. Continuing the car similae, it's more around the Audi/Lexus/Saab/Volvo level of image. Reliable, well made, high quality but not necessarily ostentatious, lives up to expectations and comfortable.

I have had a logo designed (see attached) which I do like because it hints at something of the east without necessarily being over-islamic because many of my customers won't be. I could change the font of the logo but would need a very good reason to do so.

I've tried serif fonts (Palatino) not sure it works on web, and san-serif (Optimum - which I like but not sure it works for the brand and now Avenir - which I really like and is what I'm currently favoring but need reassurance on unless there is something much better)

I need to have my stationery printed and want something that satisfies web, business cards and letterhead as I'd like it to be consistent.

Any help would be gratefully received (ps. early draft of website is at