The Daily Prophet (Harry Potter)

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Does anyone know what type face was used for "DAILY PROPHET" on the top right.

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I know that the wizard world is supposed to be old-fashioned and all, but you would still think that they would have decent newspaper design.

(No, I don't know what the type is).

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I'm thinking it may be a custom logo design.

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I agree. The P's look different from each other.

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It's designed by magical compositors. Muggle design standards and page layout software baffle them. Apparently.

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Good answer Mark.

A similar Muggle font is [Bad link] from Gallo Fonts.

- Mike Yanega

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I would think that it is not a custom designed logo. I say this because of the limited amount of time this logo is actually on screen during the movies. If it is custom designed, I doubt its anything more than a few modified letters. It really wouldn't be worth the time of putting a lot of work into a logo when its only going to be on screen for 5-10 seconds tops. And since newspapers in Potterland have animations on them, I doubt anyone is going to spend much time looking at the logo of the paper. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. Its not quite what I was looking for, but if it comes down to it I guess it may have to do :D

Thanks everyone! And if anyone else knows what it is, I'm still open to suggestions.

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Also I don't think the P's are different. I think that the first one may be bold and the latter is not? could be wrong though.

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