Dashed/dotted monoline sans-serif

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Hi all.

Looking to identify one of the typefaces used in the attached scan. It's the smaller "dotted" one I'm after – "CALL FOR APPLICATIONS / JAN VAN EYCK POST-ACADEMIC INSTITUTE" etc. Spacing/fitting of the dots looks too good to be done with dotted lines in Illustrator.

The scan is from p86 of Phaidon's AREA 2: 100 Graphic Designers, 10 Curators, 10 Design Classics, and it is the work of Dutch designers Cobbenhagen & Hendriksen.

Any ideas?

(Here's a link to the attached sample, just in case – not sure how attachments show up here).


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Hi Pat,

this one came up before:

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That other thread mentions a typeface called Pinball. I concur that Pinball is what was used here. There is a partial showing in the Solotype Catalog (predigital), including a lowercase. I've never seen it digitally, though.

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It was a Letraset font, too.


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Thanks Jan, Mike, and Florian for your responses. Frieze mentioned in the other thread would probably be a passable match if it had a lowercase...

I only need eight characters, actually, so I might just draw them myself.


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scroll down - there's a pinball typeface specimen

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